Wednesday, February 22, 2012

iPhone Phund Now Up $50. Thank you Freya

And yes, that's a long way from $500 (the cost of a used 4g) but then again, it's 10%, so no complaints.

But I need to be a bit more strong on my efforts to make this phone effort happen and so that's the gist of this post. Remember, the longer I don't have a phone, the longer I can't look for work and hence, the longer I stay jobless and ergo, homeless. And yes, the longer I bother you and don't write about solving real problems.

We are now $450 away from a real goal (see thermometer on left). And that's a goal we can reach in a week - with help. Please do.

Recently Meghan Barr, a writer with the Associated Press, called me for an interview last month based on the writing I had done regarding Occupy people living in churches - but when the story finally published, she felt more compelled to call me an "unemployed former advertising executive" than a writer and Occupier. This is the sort of thing homeless and not-employed-at-a-company people have to deal with every day. Help me do better. I need a phone to beat this. And the last thing I need is the Associated Press keeping me down.

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